User Guide

About purchase

◆Select the desired product and click the "Click here to purchase" button.

◆Check the items you ordered and select the quantity. You can continue to select other products by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button.

*If there are multiple delivery addresses, please follow the same procedure to place multiple orders.

◆Please enter your customer information.

◆ Please enter your customer information and delivery address information.

◆ Please select a payment method. Please specify the desired delivery date and time. (* We may not be able to meet your request depending on the number of items ordered, region, and time.)

◆Please check the details of your order, and confirm the order if there are no mistakes.

◆After completing your order, we will automatically send an order confirmation email to your registered email address.

*If you do not receive the e-mail at this point, it may have been received in your spam folder or the e-mail address was entered incorrectly, so please check your registered e-mail address.

Customers may not be able to receive e-mails sent from the store when ordering with the e-mail address of a mobile phone that has specified domain reception.

We do not accept shipments outside of Japan. Please be forewarned.

Consumption tax

In addition to the product price, you will be required to pay the consumption tax and shipping fee.

[Consumption tax] 10% (rounded to the nearest yen)

Regarding delivery

■ Sagawa Express

Areas below: 700 yen

Aomori prefecture Iwate prefecture Miyagi prefecture Akita prefecture Yamagata prefecture Fukushima prefecture Ibaraki prefecture Tochigi prefecture Gunma prefecture Saitama prefecture Chiba prefecture Tokyo Kanagawa prefecture Niigata prefecture Toyama prefecture Ishikawa prefecture Fukui prefecture Yamanashi prefecture Nagano prefecture Gifu prefecture Shizuoka prefecture Aichi prefecture Mie prefecture Shiga prefecture Kyoto prefecture Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture

*If you order a total of 5,000 yen or more per delivery address, the shipping fee will be 0 yen. *Additional shipping charges may apply to remote islands and some areas.

Hokkaido is 1,350 yen

*If you order a total of 5,000 yen or more per delivery address, the shipping fee will be 700 yen. *Additional shipping charges may apply to remote islands and some areas.

Okinawa and remote islands: 1,650 yen

*If you order a total of 5,000 yen or more per delivery address, the shipping fee will be 1,000 yen. *Additional shipping charges may apply to remote islands and some areas.


Please select the desired delivery time from the pull-down menu. (*Some areas may not be compatible)

Delivery date designation: It is possible to specify after 7 business days from the order date.

About payment

Payment by credit card

Regarding credit card payments, the amount will be deducted from the customer's account based on the terms of each credit card membership.

Please enter the name of the cardholder (yourself or a family member), card company, card number, and expiration date. We only accept lump sum payments.

*If you cancel or return the item, it may be debited from your account and then refunded by the credit card company at the time of billing from the next month onwards. Please note.

*About VISA debit card

If you use a VISA debit card for credit card payment, the corresponding amount will be immediately debited from your bank account at the time of card authentication performed at the time of ordering. Also, if you change your order after your card has been authenticated, due to the nature of the VISA debit card, the changed amount will also be withdrawn from your account (it will be deducted twice).

The amount used before changing the order details will be refunded by the card company at a later date, but it may take several tens of days to receive the refund.

For questions and inquiries regarding refunds, please contact the card issuer directly.

About returns and exchanges

If the product is damaged or dirty when it arrives at the customer's hand due to damage during delivery, or if the product is sent incorrectly (wrong size, wrong color, wrong product), we will pay for the shipping fee.・We will return the product.

*In the case of an initial defect or a mistake in the delivery of the product, the return shipping fee will be handled by cash on delivery at our store.

Size exchanges are accepted only once.

*Shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer. We will bear the shipping fee for the exchanged product. Please note that if you wish to return or exchange an item due to customer convenience, we will not be able to accept your request for a product that has been used even once.

*Please be sure to contact us in advance by e-mail, telephone, or fax when returning items.

*Please note that items damaged or soiled by the customer after delivery cannot be returned or exchanged.

* Refunds due to product returns will be transferred to the designated account. In addition, except for defective products, the refund amount will be only the product price, and the return shipping fee, cash on delivery fee, and transfer fee will not be refunded.

◆When returning an item, please include the following information in the package.

・Name, phone number, postal code, address, bank account for refund (bank name, branch name, ordinary account, checking account, account number, account name (katakana))

*The refund amount will be the amount after deducting the transfer fee from the product price.

Return destination

Address: 〒550-0013 Shinmachi Shinmachi Building 3-A, 1-6-22 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka

Phone number: 06-6534-6784

Address: Chikakudo Co., Ltd.

Items returned in the following conditions cannot be exchanged or returned. note that.

"There are no tags, instructions, boxes or other accessories"

"I have opened it"

"The item was damaged or damaged."